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Sampling of Previous Litigation Cases of Note

Administrative Law
      • Stromberg et al v. Law Society of Saskatchewan et al [1996] 3 W.W.R. 389 (Sask. Q.B.) [1996] 10 W.W.R. 737 (Sask. Q.B.) [Application to quash quasi-criminal charges by Law Society against lawyer]
      • Stolar v. Moore et al [1995], 128 Sask. R. 144 (Sask. C.A.) [Judicial Review - Workers’ Compensation Board decision]
      • Milne v. Government of Saskatchewan, [1992] 3 W. W. R. 354 (Sask. C.A.) [Judicial Review - bias re: Chair of government chiropractic billings review committee]

Auto Accidents, Personal Injury, Insurance
      • Willms v. Saskatchewan Government Insurance 2002 SKQB 278 (CanLII) (Allbright, J), affirmed on appeal, 2003 SKCA 18 (CanLII) [suit against SGI for denying insurance to farmer who collided with train, where SGI alleged that the farm plates were not applicable]
      • Cox et al v. Board of Education of Battlefords School Division No. 118 of Saskatchewan [2002] SKQB 150 (Sask. Q.B., Baynton, J.) [Claim for damages from environmental illness on behalf of a group of high school teachers]
      • Flysak v. St. Paul’s Roman Catholic Separate School Division No. 20, 2002 SKQB 2, [2002] TWL QB02002 (Dovell, J.) [Claim for damages from school playground incident]
      • Zip Transfer Ltd. v. Sask. Power Corp., Sask. Q.B., 2000SKQB132 [Auto accident]
      • Gallant v. Belcourt, Sask. Court of Appeal CA 91028 January 1991 [Auto accident]

Aviation Accident Litigation
      • Stolar v. Moore et al (see under Administrative Law)

Commercial Litigation
      • Kaplan v. Congregation Agudas Israel 2001 SKQB 3, [2001]TWL QB01011 (Sask. Q.B., Wright, J.) 2001 SKCA 100, [2001]TWL CA01100 (Sask. C.A.) [Claim against directors alleging inducement to breach contract]
      • First Choice Capital Fund Ltd. v. First Canadian Capital Corp., [1997] 9 W.W.R. 177 (Sask.Q.B.) [Immigrant investor litigation]
      • Porter Development Ltd. et al v. Cairns Homes Ltd. et al, 1983 CanLII (SK CA) [Complex commercial real estate litigation]
      • Co-op Trust of Canada v. Target 21 Industries Ltd., [1983] 3 W.W.R. 97 (Sask. C.A.) [Complex commercial real estate/mortgage litigation]

Criminal Law
      • R. v. Latimer, Intervenor status, February 20, 1995, (Sask. C.A.), Main Appeal; [1995] 8 W.W.R. 609 (Sask. C.A.) [Mercy killing]
      • R. v. Harvey Smith, [1983] 4 W.W.R. 717 (Sask. C.A.) [Tax evasion - art fraud]

Fatal Accidents Litigation
      • Attorney General of Canada v. Ahenakew [1984] 3 W.W.R. 442 (Sask. Q.B.) [1986] 4 W.W.R. 230 (Sask. C.A.)
      • Brazeau v. Olson (civil jury trial - loss of mother of young children]

Medical Malpractice Litigation
      • Robinson v. Royal University Hospital and Hanson, Sask. Court of Appeal, 1994 CanLII 4693 (SK CA) [Claim against obstetrician and hospital alleging failure to prevent transmission of Group B Strep from mother to baby during delivery]
      • Steier v. University Hospital Board, [1988] 4 W.W.R. 309 (Sask. C.A.) [Claim against anaesthetist re: severe brain damage due to anaesthesia complications]
      • Finley v. Sugarman, [1987] 2 W.W.R. 40 (Sask. Q.B.) [Hospital claim of privilege re: peer review/quality assurance programs, obstetrical negligence action]
      • Haughian v. Paine [1987] 36 C.C.L.T. 242 (Sask. Q.B.) [1987] 4 W.W.R. 97 (Sask. C.A.) (leave to appeal to S.C.C. refused) [Claim for medical negligence against neurosurgeon, leading to paralysis, informed consent issues]

Public Interest Litigation
      • Fancy, Sask. Human Rights Commission v. Board of Education of Saskatoon, 1999 CanLII 20579 (SK HRT), [Prayer in Schools]
      • Attorney General of Canada v. Saskatchewan Water Corporation et al [Rafferty/Alameda dam case], [1991] 2 W.W.R. 614 (Sask.C.A.)
      • Welk v. Social Services Appeal Board (1985), 21 Admin. L.R. 78 (Sask. Q.B.) (1986), 28 D.L.R. (4th) 476 (Sask. C.A.) (leave to appeal to S.C.C. refused) [Whether "family" includes common law spouses]
      • Saskatoon Criminal Defence Lawyers Association v. Lane (1985), 11 D.L.R. (4th) 239 (Sask. Q.B.) [Whether province can unilaterally reduce size of Court of Queen's Bench]

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